About Us

“If you believe what you see, you believe we look like our cherry-picked profile pictures we curate, that our life is the polished story we present. But our truth, our quirky, messy, actual human experience, is captivating and magnetic, because we see our true self in the story.”


Hello Humans is a platform for storytellers who capture the truth of what it means to be human. The internet is full to the brim with “gurus” and “experts” who are happy to tell you about their successes, their methods, their shiny lives. While we believe that sharing success is important, we believe deeply that the discovery process, with all its missteps, pivots, and do-overs, is what connects and inspires us – not the final destination. After all, isn’t it obvious that there never was a final destination to begin with? Celebrate the human-ness we all share. The unvarnished, the dirty, the small steps and big crashes, the small victories, and the breakthroughs.

Welcome home, Human.