Finding your purpose with Jonathan Gustin


Welcome to the first episode of the How To Human Podcast.

Our host Sam Lamott sits down with family therapist turned purpose guide Jonathan Gustin to discuss the importance of finding your life’s purpose. Have you ever wondered what you’re here to do? Sit back, relax, and let Jonathan Gustin guide you to asking the question what is my purpose?

Bonus! Jonathan was kind enough to record a guided purpose meditation:

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Special Thanks to:

Jonathan Gustin for coming on the podcast sight unseen (or heard)

Jamie Morris for cleaning up our audio

Kenneth Bushman for website support


    • Thank you for this. I always feel like i’ve Done a terrible job and it’s little comments like this that keep me going. Spread the word! And if you get a second a review on iTunes helps people know they aren’t wasting their time.

  1. Hi Sam,

    I really enjoyed this podcast! Is there any chance you have a transcription? My son is deaf and there are so many valuable insights that he may be able to relate to and I would love to share this with him.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    • Hi Melissa,

      I don’t, but I know of a transcription service that costs about a dollar a minute. I’m a little strapped for cash, but I want your son to be able to read any episode that would speak to him.

      Maybe we could split it? Send me an email at [email protected] and we will figure something out no matter what.

      Lots of love,

  2. As a new patron, I’ve gone back to the podcast beginnings. So glad I did, as this episode nudged me to put words to my purpose (of which I already had a nebulous idea). “Creating space for reflection.” I recognize I do this in every facet of my life, from writing to relationships to the way I’ve structured day-to-day life to coaching/spiritual-care work with others, and it is my purpose. I like how articulating the words helps me to see how there are–at this stage of my life–almost no aspects of life untouched by this purpose. Jonathan also helped me to recognize how the antibodies to purpose held me back half my life with messages such as: You’re too serious, You think too much, You question too much. …How wrong those voices were!
    Thanks for this episode! Tricia


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