Finding Grace with Paul Williams


Paul Williams is an American composer, singer, songwriter and actor responsible for some of the great songs of the 20th century. He has written songs that were sung by David Bowie, Barbra Streisand, Three Dog Night, The Carpenters, and even Kermit the Frog. He most recently won the Grammy for album of the year in collaboration with Daft Punk.

But we’re not here to talk about any of that, we’re here to talk about Paul’s biggest accomplishment, finding grace. Paul got all the fame, money, and acclaim anyone could ever hope for, and none of those things filled the emptiness and loneliness inside.

This is a conversation about finding our way home and feeling comfortable in our own skin.

For more from the fabulous Paul Williams:

The book: Gratitude and Trust: Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

The documentary: Paul Williams Still Alive

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  1. Never heard of Hello Humans or Sam Lamott, but listening to the podcast between Sam & the incomparable (& my actual soulmate – known for 48 years now) Paul Williams. Absolutely loving this! Will become a patron within the next week, & will most certainly spread the word. You two (Sam & Paul) have me crying my eyes out. Hard enough for men to cry, but both of you, & resonating the feels out to the masses like that….WOW! God bless you both, & God bless your lives with Love, Light, “Gratitude & Trust.”

  2. Thank you Sam and Paul. I hope to hang on the the intimacy and depth of your conversation and I know I will continue to be inspired by it. Make life beautiful and you just did that.

  3. I’m so very happy I stumbled across this. First of all I would like to say I saw Phantom of the Paradise and I absolutely loved it. It is a soundtrack that still moves me to this day. Your mother’s book Bird by Bird was one of the first ones I bought thinking I would be a writer one day. This has been an absolute pleasure to listen to. Looking forward to more.

  4. Thank you Sam for keeping on keeping on and bringing yourself forward to keep giving your light and love and goodness! You’re opening hearts and inspiring minds

  5. OMG thank you Tim Ferris for pointing out this podcast and thank you Sam for the epic interview. It was exactly what I needed to hear! Loved loved loved it 🙂 So many lessons and reminders of how awesome life really is when we surrender and allow the path to unfold. I am going to listen to it again and take notes! Thanks again.

  6. Tim Ferris sent me here as well, and I am blown away. This episode truly touched my heart and gave me a renewed sense of faith in my path. When he talked about how the best opportunities and stepping stones in life are ones that we can’t plan for I felt this renewed sense of peace – I can’t explain it exactly but something shifted inside of me and I’m so grateful. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work, you are an excellent interviewer. Truly heart-centered, present, and authentic. It’s rare to hear. I would love to leave a review but I don’t use apple podcasts and not sure where else I can do that so just sharing my praise and gratitude here

  7. Thank you for interviewing Mr. Williams. He is such a prolific song writer; songs that I’ve enjoyed all of my life. He’s the writer for so many mega-hits. Just such supreme words and music.


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