Nothing Lasts Forever with Eddie Colla


Sam talks with street artist, friend, and mentor Eddie Colla.

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  1. I’m sure you’re not aware how powerful these words were during your lead up to your interview with Eddie Cola: “What art would you make if no one cared – if no one was watching, if there was no one way for them to tell you if they liked it or didn’t like it.”

    For an artist who is experiencing the agony of being stuck, these were so powerful that I went back and back and found the minute you started saying them on the counter and listened over and over and then wrote them on a post-it so I could make a big sign and hang it in my studio.

    Which I am trying to make myself walk into today.
    Thank you so much.

    p.s. Love Hello Humans, especially interviews with Julia Cameron and Jake Nordby, and your own honest and vulnerability. Thank you for showing us other humans it’s ok to do that. Smiley face.

  2. I loved this episode and intro, Sam! Especially the admonition that greatness in art does not follow permission from the permission-givers, or the validation of mainstream “success.” Especially the reminder that the unexpected falling apart of all-and-sundry can be a miraculous removal of obstacles–yet how difficult it is when the clearing away doesn’t come on our terms. So much goodness here in listening to friends share insights and learnings.
    Oh, and Cam’s song at the end is fabulous.


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