Square One Is Sacred Ground with Jacob Nordby


Sam and Jacob discuss starting from scratch, finding your creativity, and finding the courage to try. It’s really late when I write this so I’m going to do a proper bio tomorrow when I have slept.

Jacob Nordby is the author of The Devine Arsonist and Blessed Are The Weird, and is also the founder of the Creative Unbootcamp.

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  1. Wow…I wish I could craft a reply that comes close to all of the feelings your talk with Jacob Nordby stimulated within me. I had so many moments when I wanted to grab my pen and write down some of the phenomenal things I was hearing. Somehow the process of stopping and starting the interview, so I could write down what was said felt like breaking this magical space I had been transported to. Thus, all I can come up with is—wow.

    I appreciate how real and honest your interviews are. This only the second interview I’ve listened to (the first being Brené Brown); nevertheless, I suspect that when I make time to hear more they will be just as magical.

    Thank you for your vulnerability.

  2. I had a similar journey, rubbing a few religions the wrong way, even after being a teacher in church. I read Dyer and many other books. As my mind expanded, I became more in touch with the creativity inside myself. I learned about meditating, healing, universal love, and it did not sway my belief in Jesus, but expanded my view on how connected we are. My journey has been so difficult, even through suicide, losing everything, weight issues, homeless, etc., but I took responsibility and pulled myself out. We gain so much empathy through our experiences. Much love to both- great interview!


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